How to batch edit photos on iPhone

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Several new features have been added to the Photos app with the launch of iOS 16. In addition to the new Shared iCloud Photo Library, Photos gets an automatic duplicate image finder that can help eliminate redundant photos taking up space. Automated background removal makes it possible to quickly cut out the subject of a picture. On top of all these improvements, Apple has added a way to batch edit multiple photos at the same time.

Edits made to a picture in the Photos app can be directy applied to another photo. This means if a filter is added, or parameters such as brightness are adjusted these changes can be copied to multiple photos at once. Follow these steps to paste photo edits between images on iPhone:

  1. Launch the Photos app
  2. Choose a photo to edit and tap the Edit button
  3. Make changes and tap Done to save
  4. Tap the more (...) menu button
  5. Choose Copy Edits
  6. Select the photos to batch edit
  7. Tap the more (...) menu button
  8. Select Paste Edits to apply
  9. The edits made to the first photo are applied to all selected photos