Last chance to play these Apple Arcade games

Apple Arcade

Apple has revealed a list of games that are leaving its subscription Apple Arcade service in the near future. Found under the heading "Leaving Arcade Soon", the list provides a counterpoint to the "Coming Soon" section highlighting upcoming new games. Just like other subscription services, content can come and go depending on licensing requirements and developers' commitment to the platform.

While these games are slated to be unavailable via Apple Arcade, it's not clear what's next for the titles. Developers may choose to offer the game as a stand-alone app in the App Store, or unsupported games may leave the Apple ecosystem entirely.

Apple has not said what happens to games that are leaving the Apple Arcade subscription model, or to player game data. Below is the list of 15 games leaving Apple Arcade soon:

  • Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree
  • BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner
  • Cardpocalypse
  • Dead End Job
  • Don’t Bug Me!
  • Dread Nautical
  • EarthNight
  • Explottens
  • Lifeslide
  • Over the Alps
  • Projection: First Light
  • Spelldrifter
  • Spidersaurs
  • Towaga: Among Shadows
  • Various Daylife

Apple Arcade provides unlimited access to over 200 games for a monthly subscription price of $4.99. New subscribers can get a free one-month trial before committing to a subscription. Games are organized into categories such as Strategy, Simulation, Role-Playing, and Adventure. Apple also displays lists of the most popular games and other curated collections.