How can I make my Apple Watch screen brighter?

How can I get maximum brightness on Apple Watch? How can I increase brightness on Apple Watch screen?

Apple Watch display and brightness

The Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 offer the brightest screens yet from Apple. Full brightness on the Apple Watch Ultra is 2,000 nits, with the Series 8 clocking up to 1,000 nits.

Apple Watch saves battery life by default. This means the full brightness capabilities are rarely activated. While the brightness automatically adjusts thanks to the built-in light sensor, you can manually increase this setting.

Follow these steps on Apple Watch to maximize screen brightness:
  1. Launch Settings
  2. Tap Display & Brightness
  3. Touch the green bar or light icons to adjust brightness level

There are three brightness levels to choose from. When the maximum brightness is set, Apple Watch will deliver it's brightest screen in appropriate environments (such as outdoor sun).