Apple battery replacement pricing to increase

iPhone battery

Battery replacements on older iPhone models are set to increase in cost. Starting on March 1, 2023, Apple will raise repair fees for iPhones that are out of warranty by $20. AppleCare+ subscribers will not be affected by this change. Since the iPhone 14 launch in September, battery replacement service on the latest models have been priced at $99.

Battery replacement cost in 2023

  • iPhone 14 models: $99
  • iPhone X and later (to iPhone 13): $89
  • iPhone 5 and later (Home Button iPhones): $69

Battery replacements for iPhone are available from the Genius Bar at Apple retail stores, or from authorized service providers. iPhone owners can also initiate mail-in service from the Apple support website. More recently, Apple has opened its Self Service Repair Store for customers to purchase genuine replacement parts, including batteries.

iPhone owners can check for battery health under Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health. The Maximum Capacity shows how much power storage the battery currently holds, compared to its original new storage capacity. A lower percentage means shorter battery life, and values under 80 percent may show a message recommending battery service.

iOS automatically diagnoses the iPhone battery's health, with statistics on charging and battery health available under Settings.

Battery replacements on iPads and Macs are also slated for price increases of up to $50 after February ends.