Apple Maps gets live parking data

Apple Maps parking

Apple Maps now delivers live parking information directly in the app. iPhone owners can search for available parking spots and reserve parking at over 8,000 locations in the US and Canada from Apple Maps. This improvement comes thanks to SpotHero integration. Even better, there's no update to Apple Maps required for the new features to take effect.

SpotHero is the leading iPhone parking app, which makes it easier to find and reserve parking in major cities. Booking a parking spot via SpotHero can even save up to 50 percent in parking costs. Garages, lots, and valets are all included and parking availability can be searched by date needed. Parking spots and rates can be compared before pre-paying and receiving a parking pass.

SpotHero claims to be the top rated parking app on the App Store, with over 30 million cars parked. Now Apple Maps users don't need to switch apps to find parking. Nearby parking locations can even be filtered to find spots with EV charging, handicapped access, and more.

To use the feature, search for SpotHero parking in Apple Maps. Tap a supported location and choose the More button. Select Parking to begin the process of reserving a parking space via the SpotHero website. Once booked, use Apple Maps to navigate to the location and park. The pre-paid parking pass is all you'll need to gain access to the location and the parking space.

The partnership between SpotHero and Apple Maps offers parking data in over 300 cities across the US and Canada. Digital parking is set to increase on mobile devices and elsewhere, with companies such as ParkMobile and others in the game.