Apple Music Classical arrives with exclusive albums

Apple Music Classical

Apple Music Classical has arrived, less than two years after Apple acquired the classical music streaming service Primephonic. Fans of Primephonic have been waiting since Apple took the service offline as it worked to integrate its classical music services into Apple Music. Primephonic subscribers received six months free access to Apple Music. Now the all-new classical music experience comes free to existing Apple Music subscribers, and can be accessed using the Apple Music Classical app.

Apple Music Classical offers its own custom interface dedicated to the genre, along with hundreds of thousands of albums in 24 bit/192 kHz Hi-Res Lossless quality, and thousands of exclusive albums accessible only via Apple. The app totals over five million tracks along with complete and accurate metadata, along with thousands of editorial notes such as composer biographies and descriptions of key works.

When it comes to the Apple Music Classical app, four tabs offer access to Listen Now, Browse, Library, and Search. Listen Now follows the same template as Apple Music and delivers suggestions based on your preferences and listening, while a variety of playlists are available including new releases, composers, periods, sub genres, and moods based on time of day or activity. Apple Music users should note that your classical tracks appear in Apple Music, but the standard Apple Music library does not appear in the Apple Music Classical app.

Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats stated:

Apple Music Classical is a dedicated app that is great for classical experts as well as anyone who is new to classical, with the largest classical music selection in the world, the very best search and browse capabilities, the most premium sound experience with Spatial Audio, and thousands of exclusive recordings. We believe this is the very best classical music streaming experience available anywhere, and for us, this is just the beginning.

Currently, the service is only available on iPhone, with additional stand alone apps possibly in the works for iPad, Mac, and CarPlay. With Apple Music Classical, the company aims to provide the best classical music library and streaming experience available.