Can I be seen in FaceTime on Apple Vision Pro?

How does FaceTime calling work on Vision Pro? What do I look like in FaceTime on Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro Persona

Apple touts the Vision Pro as a great way to participate in immersive FaceTime calls. One of the first questions many people ask is what the person wearing Vision Pro looks like during the FaceTime call. After all, there is no iPhone or iPad camera in front of the user's face. Does the Vision Pro device even appear in the FaceTime call?

FaceTIme on the Apple Vision Pro is facilitated by a new feature Apple calls the "Persona". Users of Vision Pro can set up their Persona by scanning their face, and the device takes care of the rest. Using machine learning and built-in sensors a photorealistic avatar is animated and placed into the FaceTime call in real time.

Future iterations of this feature will take the concept into a "Spatial Persona", where the FaceTime caller using Apple Vision Pro appears as a three-dimensional version of the Persona. This can be used during SharePlay presentations to show a more realistic representation of the caller.