What is the screen resolution of Apple Vision Pro?

Is there a screen door effect in Vision Pro? What resolution are the Apple Vision Pro displays?

Vision Pro screens

Apple Vision Pro utilizes micro-OLED technology to deliver incredible levels of detail to its spatial computing experience. The display system can overlay ultra-high-resolution output over the user's surroundings, making them look like part of reality.

There are over 23 million pixels across two individual displays in Apple Vision Pro. This provides a 4K resolution display for each eye, in a screen no larger than a postage stamp. These displays offer wide color reproduction and high dynamic range, coupled with custom catadioptric lenses to enhance sharpness and clarity.

Apple's R1 chip streams new images to each display within 12 milliseconds, which is eight times faster than the blink of an eye.

Users of Apple Vision Pro will not see any sign of pixellation or the dreaded "screen door" effect often cited in VR headsets. In fact, Apple has designed the display system on Vision Pro to surpass anything currently on the market.