Apple to stop offering leather with iPhone 15 cases

Apple leather case

Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 cases are set to take an eco-conscious turn, as recent rumors suggest the tech giant will forego leather options in favor of a new woven-style alternative. Initial reports point to a departure from leather for the iPhone 15 lineup, with fresh leaks now substantiating this shift towards a woven-textured case design.

Multiple sources with supply chain knowledge have unveiled Apple's intention to discontinue leather cases for the iPhone 15. This pivot is likely rooted in Apple's commitment to environmental sustainability, which is touted on its website.

These cases for the upcoming iPhone 15 have a woven shell appearance, and employ a leather alternative as their base material. Industry insiders refer to them as "Magsafe environmental protection cloth leather case," though it's important to note that the images shared by leakers probably don't represent the official color palette.

The move from genuine leather to a vegan alternative aligns with Apple's broader environmental goals. Should these rumors come true, this transition promises to offer iPhone users a chance to make an eco-friendly choice without compromising style or quality.

While leather has unique qualities that make it useful for clothing and protective gear, its environmental drawbacks and ethical concerns are increasingly recognized. The shift will likely spark interest among consumers and environmental advocates alike, as the Apple continues to position itself as a leader in both innovation and ethical consciousness.

Look for the updated iPhone 15 lineup and its accessories, including leather-free cases during the first half of September. Apple has officially announced September 12 as the date for its fall keynote, when the iPhone 15 will be revealed.