How can I force my iPhone to reboot / restart / reset?

Problems can cause the iPhone to freeze up or become unresponsive. When the iPhone does not work properly or apps won't quit, a hard reset might help.

Sometimes your iPhone can lock up completely and not respond to any input. In this case, the iPhone can usually be forced to reboot.

On the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and earlier models:

  1. Hold down the sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously.
  2. Let go when the Apple logo appears and the iPhone is booting up.

Starting with the iPhone 7 this procedure has changed. Click here to see the button combination that resets the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and later.

This will usually help, however if the iPhone fails to boot you may just see a blank black screen. In this case you might need to restore the iPhone using your computer and iTunes. Follow these instructions to restore your iPhone.


Yes this sucks! My phone just now turned 2 and won't work after contract expires! This is bs with a phone costing this much. I can't do anything with it! Can't force reboot or nothing!. I'm really pissed I've bought 4 iPhones and there's only 1 out 4 still working! iPhones are crap

If you hate I Phones then go back to your Blackberry...

Thank you ..thank you..thank you.... You saved my life

Almost form 1 hour i am trying to start my iphone 5 but it was not responding. and then i hold sleep button and home button simultaneously and it apple logo comes....:) aaahhh and i take a long breath

thanks mate it worked :D

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Thanks ! Worked for my iPhone 6 :) (y)

Thank you for the post, this helped me tremendously much!

A little disappointing when I look to the comments to see if anyone else has had the same problem with their IPhone, specifically the 6, but just looking for any information, suggestions, etc. But instead, I find arguing between several individuals. Please find a different forum to complain about your phone, ability to spell, whatever else you found to yell about. I truly needed to find advice and/or suggestions regarding my particular problem with my phone. So to those who actually posted helpful info, a huge thank you, I was able to fix the issue. FYI to those complainers, everything that is technological is prone to problems, that is the price we pay for the awesome conveniences in our lives. Remember, nothing, and no one, is perfect. Things go wrong all the time. You must live a frustrating life if you expect perfection all the time. So please, do us all a favor and chill out!

Lets just understand something.
Smartphones are like pc's and therefore you need to do some basic things like you should do with your pc. BACK IT UP.

I do this with my iphone every time there is a major upgrade and I am about to install it. I have friends who have Android phones and they suffer the same things.

On the previous version of IOS it blew up my Ipad. Nothing worked properly. What I did was force a reset on it. Then installed the new IOS. After that I then restored my apps. It was annoying but it saved me a lot of aggravation. So if people just do a little preventative maintenance it will save both grief and frustration.

Your procedure worked for us. The iPhone 6+ was locked up tight. She believes she may have shut down during a software upgrade. At any rate, the procedure worked and the phone is fully functional again. We've owned most brands, and this is the best phone we've ever purchased.
One suggestion -- comments on this site should be moderated to filter out the illiterate, abusive, irrelevant materials

worked fine for me thanks,

Thank you this worked!
Advise from here has always helped me- I have never had any serious problems with any of my Iphones -the user been at fault whenever there has been! ME!! lol!
Thank you ever so!!!!!!

Thank you this just saved me a trip to the apple store

It worked.
Thank you

it works with iphone 6 too! thamks

My husband's iPhone 6 screen totally locked up and became unresponsive thanks to your page, by holding down both buttons the apple logo appeared and the phone is now working. Thank you for your very helpful advice.

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