Amazon Launches Free Music Service for Members

iOS users with an Amazon Prime subscription now have another free music streaming option. Amazon rolled out its new music streaming service called "Prime Music" for Amazon Prime members. The service gives users access to over a million songs, hundreds of Amazon curated playlists and the ability to download tracks for offline listening.

Amazon Music Prime

Early reports suggest that Amazon's music library is not as deep as Pandora or Spotify, but the service is ad-free if you already have an Amazon Prime account. Not to mention, a $99 yearly subscription also nabs you free shipping from, access to Amazon's movie streaming service and deals on select products. A yearly subscription to Pandora may be cheaper, but it only offers ad-free music, not all the perks of an Amazon Prime subscription.

First iPhone 5C Accessory Pops Up at Amazon

Accessory makers used to be a great source for next-generation iPhone rumors, but they lost most of their credibility after the teardrop iPhone 5 debacle of 2011. This is why I wouldn't get too excited about Elago Design's "Slim Fit 2 Case" for the iPhone 5C that has recently popped up on Amazon. In case you missed the memo, the iPhone 5C is the rumored name for unannounced "low-budget iPhone" Apple is expected to launch in the Fall.

elago S5C Slim Fit 2 Case for iPhone 5C + HD

We got the first glimpse of the iPhone 5C name and logo in an alleged leaked photo of its packaging over the weekend. Apple has not confirmed or denied that they're releasing a low cost, plastic iPhone, so it is hard to know if the image is legit. However, this hasn't stopped Elago Design from listing their iPhone 5C case on Amazon, but they have seemed to stop taking pre-orders for the accessory.

Amazon Cloud Player Now Available for the iPhone and iPod

Amazon has officially announced the launch of its Amazon Cloud Player app for the iPhone and iPod touch. The dedicated app allows customers to stream or download music stored in their Cloud to their device. Users can also play music that is already located on their iPhone and manage or create playlists.

iPhone Apps

The app is free to download in the iTunes App Store, and comes with 5 GB of free storage. Unlimited storage will cost you, but those who upgrade will receive unlimited space for MP3 and AAC (.m4a) files. There is also an iPad version. The app requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Is Apple Working on a New 5-Inch Device?

According to the Japanese website Macotakara, Apple is developing a mysterious 5-inch Retina display device for 2013. There have been many reports about Apple releasing a 7.85-inch iPad mini, or even increasing the screen size of the iPhone this year, but this is the first time we've heard anything about a 5-inch device.

Mysterious Apple 5 Inch Device

The Japanese blog , citing “reliable Chinese sources", said "Apple LCD is developing a 5-inch Retina display with a screen resolution of either 1,600-by-960 pixels or 1,280-by-960 pixels." It's unknown if the device is a tablet, phone, or combination of both like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Amazon iPhone 5 Ads are Bogus, Likely Much Ado About Nothing

Gadget blogs have exploded today with what seems like countless articles chastising for baiting customers with their Google ads that read "iPhone 5 at". If the ads are still running, and you'd like to see for yourself, simply search for "iphone 5" in Google or even "iphone five". Up will pop a Google Adwords advertisement similar to the one seen below, proclaiming the availability of the iPhone 5 at Of course, clicking on the ad will take you to a search page on that simply shows results for a variety of iPhone related accessories that may or may not also have the word "five" somewhere in their descriptions. This type of crack investigation has led many to scold Amazon for stooping to such underhanded bait and switch advertising. Closer inspection suggests these ads likely aren't the doing of Amazon itself. iPhone 5 Ad

One might ask themselves why multi-billion dollar retailer would risk offending multi-billion dollar manufacturer Apple in order to hopefully grab a few $12 accessory sales on the sly by baiting customers to their site. The likely, and seemingly valid, answer is that they wouldn't.


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