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Facebook makes GIFs available in comments in celebration of the format's 30th anniversary

Facebook adds animated GIFs to comments.

The Graphics Interchange Format, aka GIF, celebrated its 30th anniversary this week and Facebook took note. The social media giant announced that it would honor the format by sharing some details of the GIF's history on Messenger, making GIFs available in comments for everybody in the main Facebook app and throwing a "GIF party" by introducing a bunch of new GIFs featuring popular internet personalities.

How to convert Live Photos to GIF and other formats

Lively app iOS

Apple’s recent take on revolutionizing photos is magical, but there is one glaring issue for most people. As neat as Live Photos are, the format is still unsupported in many places. Say you wanted to send a Live Photo to your friend who uses something besides an iPhone. You would be out of luck.

This article covers how you can convert your Live Photos to the popular GIF format along with other popular formats so you can share them practically anywhere.

How to Turn iPhone Burst Photos into Animated GIFs

Ever notice how groups of photos taken in Burst Mode resemble the frames of a video? This comes as no surprise, as the images are captured at high speed. Now the app Burstio makes it possible to create a video or animated GIF directly from a burst group. The process is straightforward; simply open the app and select the Burst Mode photos to use.

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The preview can be trimmed, using the same interface used to trim video length. Once the desired frames are selected, touch Export and a menu will appear. Animated GIF will create a 320x240 animated GIF, which can be saved to the Photo Library or shared. There are also options to save your work as a Full HD Video or an HD Video. Options to increase or slow the playback speed are also provided, for special effects.

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