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iOS App(s) of the Week: 3 helpful fantasy football apps

Fantasy Football 2017

There are only a few preseason games left which means fantasy football is in full swing. Fantasy football owners all over the world are busy researching the best teams and sharpening their skills with mock drafts. As any good owner knows, your iOS device is one of your most important tools to draft a championship team, but it's only as good as the apps you have downloaded. Here are 3 apps to help you win your league and earn your well deserved bragging rights for 2018.

iOS App of the Week: Family Guy- Another Freakin' Mobile Game

Another Freakin' Mobile Game

It's always disappointing when a new game based on your favorite television show is announced and it is revealed to be a match 3 title. Match 3 games can be tedious if not done correctly, and they tend to be a lazy way for some developers to make a quick buck. I'm not going to claim Jam City isn't guilty of cashing in on the Family Guy name with another uninspired match 3 title, but I do have to admit that I play it a lot.

Another Freakin' Mobile Game is a bit like Look Who's Talking... Yes, the 1989 Kirstie Alley and John Travolta movie starring a talking baby. On paper the game and movie both seem like horrible ideas, but I keep finding myself drawn to each of them.

iOS App of the Week: Cuddli - Dating app for geeks


Dating apps for "geeks" isn't a new concept, but Cuddli wants to be the new hangout for single people who share a common interest in anything considered nerdy. This includes cosplay enthusiasts, comic book lovers, Game of Thrones fans and so on.

Cuddli is a location based app that connects you to other people in your area who enjoy the same hobbies. Unlike some dating apps, you do not need a real Facebook profile to join, and there is no lengthy sign-up process. You just choose your user name, upload a photo, then select 5 icons that represent your interest. Once your profile is complete, you will then be connected to other geeky fanboys or girls in your area.

iOS App of the Week: Stardust -- Movies and TV Video Reactions


Stardust is just the latest in a long list of apps trying to cash in on the viral trend of quick video clips and reaction videos. The several-seconds video fad made popular by Vine before its demise has been adopted by every large social media network, including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

Stardust is a social media app designed for users to share reactions, movie reviews and thoughts about popular media, like movies, television and trailers. After a quick sign up process users can upload 3- to 30-second videos letting the community know their thoughts on a movie they just watched or the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

iOS App of the Week: Galaxy of Pen & Paper

Galaxy of Pen & Paper is the follow-up to the 2012 meta RPG Knights of Pen & Paper and its less popular sequel. It is a turn-based title where players create their own game master and party of friends to go on an imaginary space journey. Players can explore distant planets, fight aliens and save galaxies all in the year 1999.


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