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Free iOS App of the Week: Spark Camera

Apple has named Spark Camera its Free App of the Week. The iPhone photography app will be free to download from the App Store until next Thursday when a new app will take its place. Last week's free app, for example, was Pac-Man.

Spark Camera

Spark Camera allows you to create short HD videos by filming short clips or "Sparks" and editing them together. You can then add existing video, photos and music from your library to spruce up your Spark creations. The app also features several filters and the ability to share your videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, or email.

App of the Week: Quora - The App That Answers All Your Questions

Quora is not only a questions and answers app, but it also feeds your social media addiction. The original service was created by two former Facebook employees, Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, in 2010. The app allows users to upvote or downvote answers to questions, suggest edits to answers and write blog posts and reviews. Users can then share their favorite content with their friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, text message and email.


Quora also features a stat system where users can track how well their posts are being received, and it allows Quora members to follow other users they find interesting in the community. It's basically Yahoo Answers and Twitter all rolled into one, but what separates Quora from these other services is that the content is curated by the community. This cuts down on trolling and allows users to avoid a constant feed of inane information.

App of the Week: CleverCards - Never Miss a Birthday or Holiday in 2014

If you're always forgetting important events like birthdays and holidays CleverCards is the app for you. The free app easily syncs to your Facebook friends list so you'll never miss another birthday notification. It is also the perfect tool for lazy or busy people who don't want to go through the trouble of buying a card or using a third-party website to create an eCard. All you have to do is sync your friends list, then add those few annoying people like Grandma who don't have a Facebook account, and you're ready to go.


Once set up, the app will send your push notifications for every birthday listed on Facebook or that you manually added. You can then use the service to send a traditional printed card via snail mail for around $3, or send an eCard through Facebook, email or SMS for free.

Creating a card is easy and it doesn't take much time to complete and send. The best feature of the app is that it helps you avoid trips to the post office if you want to send a physical card. You can also pull images from your loved one's Facebook page, use pictures from your Photo app or take a new photo using your device's built-in camera to customize your gift.

iOS App of the Week: The Walk

There are a billion fitness apps in the App Store, but developer Six to Start has found a creative way to make them more exciting and fun. The Walk is the follow-up to the developer's popular running game Zombies, Run!. Both apps are more than just boring pedometers, they're are games that encourage users to walk and run every day with by adding an interesting twist.

The Walk

In The Walk, your journey begins in Scotland after a bomb explodes in Inverness station. You're then given a package that could save the world and you must walk a certain distance in the real world to unlock more pieces of the mystery.

iOS App of the Week: Double Dragon Trilogy

We’ve all done it, bought a retro game that we loved as a child only to realize that it is not as fun as we remember. This is why old games ported to new systems is one of the biggest causes for buyer’s remorse. Luckily, the Double Dragon Trilogy for iOS devices from DotEmu does not fall into this category.

Double Dragon Trilogy

The Double Dragon Trilogy features all three games including the two sequels, The Revenge and The Rosetta Stone. Players have the option to play all three in Arcade or Story mode, and can select between three levels of difficulty (mobile, normal or expert). The games also include their original 8-bit soundtrack, a brand-new remastered one, and a bluetooth co-op mode.


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