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iOS App of the Week: Livr - A Social Network for Drunk People

Livr is a social networking application which requires users to fail a breathalyzer test before they are able to log in and connect with other inebriated members. The app promises to deliver "an online party at all times," and a mom-free experience (unless your mom is a drunk too) for drunk adults.


The app includes several features and social games for members to participate in. The Hot Spots section allows users to find the hottest hangouts by revealing the highest B.A.C. ratings of locations tagged by other members. Members can also stay at home and earn points by playing Truth or Dare, or use the Drunk Dial feature to randomly connect and chat with other drunk strangers.

iOS App of the Week: Disney Anywhere

Disney's new movie streaming app for iOS devices allows users to watch Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Disney Anywhere

Disney Anywhere subscribers can access their already purchased movies, buy new titles or redeem their Disney digital copies without leaving the app. All you need to do is signup, and connect your Disney account to your already existing iTunes account. You will then be able to download your movies to any iOS device for offline viewing, and purchase films directly from Disney's growing collection of digital videos.

iOS App of the Week: NASCAR Manager

In celebration of NASCAR 2014 ETX Racing has released NASCAR Manager for iOS, Android and Amazon devices. The free-to-play racing game is an officially licensed NASCAR title that challenges fans to maintain their vehicle, team and tactics on the road to the Sprint Cup Championship.

NASCAR Manager

NASCAR Manager is a strategy game that allows players to unlock sponsorships from real life manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford, and it offers the ability to customize your own vehicle so you can get an edge on the competition. The game features two game modes (Career and Season mode) and the ability to participate in Speedweek Challenges. The game also includes HD graphics, an easy to navigate interface, and official drivers, tracks and cars.

iOS App of the Week: OMG: TD!

OMG: TD! looks a lot like one of those games you see on your Facebook feed or advertised on another game. The type of game you download only to find out it is virtually unplayable because of in-app purchases, or that you have to wait 24 hours to build one item, but it's actually a fun tower defense title with plenty of replay value.


The game's turrets are all modeled after Greek gods like Zeus and Ares, and the object is to stop waves of Titans and their armies from destroying your temple. Currently (Version 1.0.4) there are 20 levels and six bonus levels. Each level has a Normal mode, Challenge mode and Frenzy mode giving you plenty of different scenarios to complete. The game also includes heroes (1 free and 5 available as IAPs), four special abilities and nine gods to use as your defense. Each of the heroes and gods can also be upgraded with souls you collect from your fallen enemies, and each features their own special abilities and strengths.

Jailbreak Tweak of the Week: Controllers for All

Instead of our normal App of the Week, I would like to highlight the jailbreak tweak Controllers for All. This is one of the most innovative iOS 7 tweaks released to Cydia since evasi0n7 was released. It is also in the running to be one of the best jailbreak tools of the year.

Controllers for All

Currently the cheapest iOS 7 controller on the market is the SteelSeries Stratus Wireless for $79.99. Most of the other MFi (Made for iOS) controllers on the market, like the Logitech PowerShell, are retailing for around $100. That's a lot of money for an accessory to play a $3 game. This is why Controllers for All is one of the most useful tweaks out there. It allows anyone with a jailbroken device to add iOS 7 support to an old PlayStation 3 controller.


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