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App of the Week: Runeblade for Apple Watch


Most Apple Watch games offer quick 10-15-second mini-games that you can play on the go, but Runeblade from Everywear Games is a fantasy adventure title that you can play for months. Runeblade is still played in 5-15-second bursts, but the it features RPG-elements where players can collect and upgrade weapons, armor, spells and so on.

iOS App of the Week: RuPaul's Drag Race Keyboard

RuPaul's Drag Race Keyboard

There have been a lot of third-party keyboards released for iOS devices ever since Apple opened the walled garden in iOS 8, but none of them are as fabulous as RuPaul's Drag Race Keyboard. The new iOS 8 keyboard from Logo allows Drag Race fans to quickly send images and animated GIFs of heir favorite queens to their squirrel friends and family.

The keyboard is free to download and easy to use, but you will have to enable it after installing it on your device. To enable any third-party keyboard navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards and tap the "Add New Keyboard..." panel. From here you can enable any third-party keyboards that you have downloaded by tapping their name and giving them permission to access your device. Once you have added RuPaul Keyboard to your active keyboards list, you will need to go back to the Keyboards screen and tap its name, then tap the "Allow Full Access" slider so it is ON / GREEN.

iOS App of the Week: Tygo - Stream NBA Games, Highlights and Recaps

The NBA playoffs are right around the corner and right now the best place to get all your NBA news and highlights is from a new app called Tygo. The app was created by an NBA fan who wanted a place where he and other fans could view all the best NBA highlights and live streams on the internet.

Tygo - Ball is life

The app features three categories; Fresh, Hot and Scores. The Fresh and Hot sections include links to trending video clips, memes and stories in an easy to use news feed. The Fresh section allows users to scroll through newly added content, while the Hot section offers a look at the most up voted videos and news of the day.

iOS App of the Week: Stylinity - The App That Rewards You for Modeling Clothes

Getting a lot of likes for your selfie on Instagram is fun, but why not get paid for your awesome fashion sense? Stylinity is a fashion app that not only allows you to shop for clothes and accessories, but it also rewards you for sharing your favorite items with your friends, family and social media followers. Here's how it works.


After a quick sign up process (requires and email and confirmation code) Stylinity allows you to snap photos of yourself and tag your clothes so other users of the app can find and purchase those items. If modeling is not your thing, you can instead scan the barcode of any items you own or find in stores and upload them to the the app. You will then earn points towards gift cards and other rewards every time someone buys a product based on your suggestions.

iOS App of the Week: Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

After launching in Japan in 2014 and soft launching in Canada earlier this month, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is finally available on the US App Store. The game has been released by DeNA, the same company who will be handling Nintendo's upcoming mobile titles.


Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is a love letter to the franchise that allows fans to build a party of past characters and do battle with enemies from previous Final Fantasy games. Players can also relive popular Final Fantasy moments as a new story created for mobile devices.


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