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iOS App of the Week: Prison Life RPG

Prison Life RPG is the type of title hardcore gamers say they want for iOS devices but ignore because it looks like a freemium game disguised as a premium title. First let me say that the game features no in-app purchases or timers. All 100 playable prisoners and items in the game can be unlocked without spending any additional real world money. This is the type of game that people who hate freemium titles should support and it is worth every penny if you enjoy simulation / survival titles.

Prison Life RPG

In Prison Life RPG you must bribe, fight, and charm your way through daily prison life until your are paroled or hatch an escape plan. This is easier said than done as there are a lot of factors you have to consider. To survive you need to keep your Happiness, Energy and Health levels from dropping to zero. There are a lot of ways to stay healthy but there are also a lot of hazards that will make you sick or unhappy. You begin each day in the yard where you can mingle with other inmates to try and build relationships, buy items from various shops and play games like chess or basketball if you have the required skill.

iOS App of the Week: Fleksy Valentine Keyboard

Fleksy has rolled out version 5.2 of its third-party keyboard and it includes a free Valentine’s Day theme for those who don't hate the holiday. The update also includes new Extensions, a new theme pack and other improvements.

Flesky Version 5.2”  title=

The Heart Pops Extension continues the Valentine's Day theme by making your "keys pop with hearts" when you type. The Hotkey Extension allows you to add an extra row of keys that you can customize to with commonly used emojis, email addresses and so on.

iOS App of the Week: CARROT Hunger - Talking Calorie Counter

If Abby Lee Miller were an iPhone app she would be CARROT Hunger -- the calorie counter from hell. For those who do not know, CARROT is an A.I. construct that made its debut as a "to-do list with a personality," and since has morphed into an alarm for lazy meat bags and a "judgmental fitness overlord." CARROT's latest form is a not-so-friendly calorie counter, and it just may be the best calorie counter ever created.

Carrot Hunger

CARROT Hunger allows you to keep track of your daily calories consumed by turning your iOS device into an easy to use food database and barcode scanner, but what makes CARROT great is her constant witty verbal punishment. For example, when you open the app, CARROT will greet you with sayings like, "Hopefully you are here to record some exercise." Things get really interesting when you dare to go over your recommended daily calories which are assigned to you when you set up the app. This is when CARROT really brings the kick ass by sounding alarms, threatening to post your crimes on Twitter and killing your avatar. CARROT never seems to run out of things to say, and will even attempt blackmail by offering you the chance to to pay for bribes.

iOS Apps of the Week: Watch Super Bowl XLIX on Your iPhone or iPad

This is a great year for football fans who want to stream the Super Bowl on their mobile device or laptop. NBC is offering 11 continuous hours of free Super Bowl action even if you don't have a cable subscription. “Super Stream Sunday” will include pre- and post-game coverage, the halftime show starring Katy Perry and a special post-game presentation of The Blacklist starting at 10pm. iPad users can download the free NBC Sports Live Extra app to catch all of NBC's Super Bowl XLIX coverage on Feb. 1st.

NBC Sports Live Extra

If you rather watch or stream the big game using your PC or Mac, you can do so at Once again anyone watching the event on during “Super Stream Sunday” will not be prompted to log-in with their cable password.

iOS App of the Week: Adventure Time Game Wizard

Cartoon Network has released a lot of mobile games based on its popular series Adventure Time, but Game Wizard is the first title that allows players to build their own adventures. The game follows Finn and Jake as they take on an all-new villain named Doodle Wizard and his army of evil sketches. Players can explore the open world of the Land of Ooo in adventure mode, or design their own levels using a Pixel Press powered Create mode.

Adventure Time Game Wizard”  title=

Adventure Time Game Wizard is almost like getting two games in one. The first being a platform game where players can battle the Doodle Wizard after Finn and Jake use a magic pencil to draw themselves into a magic book. The platform part of the game includes different locations from the show such as the Grasslands and Candy Kingdom, and the ability to unlock all your favorite Adventure Time characters like BMO, Ice King, and Flame Princess. The game also features “Weird Al” Yankovic as the Doodle Wizard and all the original voices from the show.


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