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iOS App of the Week: MacGyver Deadly Descent

Anyone over the age of 30 will be happy to know Angus MacGyver has found a second life on the iOS App Store. FairPlay Media Limited this week has released MacGyver Deadly Descent for both Android and iOS devices. The game is based on the hit '80s television show starring Richard Dean Anderson as a resourceful special agent who can build anything out of nothing.

MacGyver Deadly Descent

The game itself is nothing special, but it is an official MacGyver release with the blessing of the series creator Lee David Zlotoff. A portion of the proceeds will also go to The MacGyver Foundation, which like the game, encourages people to solve their problems "using only the resources at hand, particularly in the face of a crisis."

iOS App of the Week: Toy Rush

Uber Entertainment and Tilting Point's Toy Rush is now available on the App Store. Toy Rush is not only a tower defense game, but it has a building management element and it features a collectible card twist. The goal of the game is to build an army of toys to attack other players and defend your home. Players gain more toys by attacking enemies and earning tickets or caps (premium cash) to spend on card packs. Each card pack includes random toy soldiers for your army, defense towers and decorative items to spruce up your home base.

Toy Rush

Like any free-to-play building game Toy Rush does feature timers, but they do not bog down the game since there is so much to do. Actually, there are so many elements to the game that it can be kind of overwhelming at times. But don't worry, the game is really easy to get the hang of and is a lot of fun to play. The in-game currency is also easy to earn making the game playable without spending real money on in-app purchases.

iOS App of the Week: Adobe Voice

Adobe is known for making complex software like Photoshop, not releasing free apps for Apple products, but that's exactly what the company did this week. Adobe's new iOS App called Voice is geared towards professionals and students, but it is also accessible to your basic consumer. Adobe describes its new video creation tool as a new way to breathe "new life into static presentation formats".

Adobe Voice

The app allows users to create animated video presentations to be used on social media or shared on mobile devices. Adobe Voice promises to be easier than shooting a video and better way to get your message across than using a slide-show presentation.

iOS App of the Week: Live Colors for Kids

Live Colors for Kids is a fun app that takes the mess out of finger painting. The app is geared towards preschool aged kids, but I have found that older children also enjoy it. Like most children's apps the game features an easy to use interface for little fingers plus fun graphics and music.

Live Colors for Kids

The app includes 20 animated coloring pages and a blank template for children to use to create their own drawings. A pleasant voice not only walks users through the game but it also names each color as it is used so smaller children can learn to identify them. The game also teaches users how to create new colors using the app's built-in color mixing palette. Other features include an auto save option so you can finish your drawings later, the ability to share your child's creations on social networks and the ability to print finished masterpieces.

iOS App of the Week: Puzzle Breaker

Last week we told you about a new puzzle game called Puzzle Breaker for iOS. The free-to-play title was nothing groundbreaking but it seemed worth mentioning on a slow news day. However, after having the game installed on my phone for over a week I have become addicted.

Puzzle Breaker for iOS

I test a lot of games throughout the week and most get deleted in a few days never to be writen about, but Puzzle Breaker wouldn't go away. The game is a simple match-three title with an RPG twist. The RPG element and the game's three levels of difficulty is what give it its replay value. Puzzle Breaker is also a prime example of a freemium title done right. You begin the game with only five lives, and you must wait 20-minutes to regain one those lives every time you lose. Waiting 20-minutes may not sound like fun, but you don't have to wait if you keep on winning.


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