Apple Watch

What material is used to make the Apple Watch face?

Most Apple Watch models feature a machined and polished single crystal of sapphire comprising the watch face. Sapphire is the hardest transparent material on Earth besides diamond.

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The Sport collection features Ion-X glass, which is chemically strengthened glass. Ion-x is impact and scratch resistant aluminosilicate glass, which has been strengthened by replacing smaller ions with larger ones to increase toughness.

What are Glances on the Apple Watch?

Glances deliver easy to read summaries of information from frequently used apps, optimized for Apple Watch. By swiping up from the Apple Watch face, Glances are displayed, such as the weather forecast or the user's current location.

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Swiping will cycle through Glances, and tapping on a Glance will launch the associated app. Glances are inspired by wristwatches, which have delivered time information at a glance since the 1800s.

Can I receive notifications on Apple Watch?

Yes, Apple Watch will display iPhone notifications. Incoming mail, calls, and messages can be answered or dismissed immediately from Apple Watch.

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A downward swipe displays Notification Center, which includes missed notifications. Apple Watch will tap the user on the wrist when notifications are delivered, or to notify the user of calendar events, traffic conditions, and more.


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