Beta Software Program

How to report bugs in the iOS 10 Public Beta

How to use Apple's iOS public beta Feedback app.

While many of us install iOS public betas just to use all of the new features before the official launch, Apple's Beta Program is intended to help them discover and fix issues with the new operating system. Putting it in the public's hands is a powerful tool to help identify issues. If you have installed the public beta (if you haven't here's how) and are noticing bugs that should be reported, or just want to make suggestions, there is a Feedback app that will allow you to do so. Here's how to use it:

Get the first iOS 10 public beta today

iOS 10 Public Beta available

The first iOS 10 public beta has arrived. Anyone enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program can now download and install the latest and greatest version of iOS to test out on their devices. The release comes hot on the heels of iOS 10 beta 2, which was recently seeded to developers. Alongside iOS 10, Apple has launched the public beta of macOS Sierra.

How to install iOS 9.3 public beta on your iPhone

How to install iOS 9.3 public beta 3 on your iPhone.

Apple released its first iOS 9.3 beta to developers in mid January, and it became available to the general public shortly after. The upgrade packs quite a bit more than the typical minor release, including Night Shift which, like f.lux, shifts your display colors to the warmer end of the spectrum at night.


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