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How can I mass delete all of my iPhone camera roll photos?

Looking to clear up some space on your iPhone camera roll? Deleting multiple photos is great, until you need to delete thousands of photos in one shot. So how can you clear out the camera roll and remove a batch of photos and videos?

To select and delete some or all of your iPhone camera roll photos, you must use an application on your computer with the iPhone connected via USB.

Why are my iPhone photos upside down?

Some iPhone owners may have noticed that photos taken with the Apple iOS device and stored to the camera roll appear rotated when viewed on a Windows computer. The photos appear fine on the iPhone, however after being transferred to Windows they are upside down, or turned sideways.

It appears that something in the photo metadata is being written to tell Windows the photo is oriented in one direction. Now that iOS 5 allows users to snap photos with the volume buttons, many people hold the iPhone with the volume buttons up so they act as a shutter release.

Security 'Flaw' Can Expose iPhone Photo Albums

A new security vulnerability on the Apple iPhone has been discovered that can expose photo albums stored on the device. Although this sounds like a dangerous breach of privacy there are several things that must happen before a complete stranger can view your pictures without entering a passcode. This is of course assuming you use a passcode to protect your data.

iPhone photo album security

First of all, your iPhone must have iOS 5 or later installed. This adds the Camera shortcut icon to the home screen when the home button is double-pressed. Secondly your iPhone must fall into the wrong hands, with someone taking possession of your device who would care about finding and viewing your photos.

Why are there black blocks in my iPhone camera roll / photo library?

Many of you have written concerning an issue where portions of your camera roll and/or photo library on your are affected by "black blocks" after upgrading to iOS 4.x.

This seems to be caused by a sync error, and can usually be resolved by taking the following steps:

1) Connect your iPhone to your PC
2) Uncheck the option to Sync photos in iTunes
3) Sync your iPhone
4) Recheck the option to Sync photos in iTunes
5) Sync your iPhone

This should sync a fresh copy of your iPhone photo library and eliminate the black blocks.

Speed Up Your iPhone Backups in iTunes

Sometimes backing up the iPhone in iTunes during a sync takes a while. According to Apple, now there's a new way to speed up the process.

Backup times can suffer when there are a large number of photos or videos on the Camera Roll. To speed up your iPhone backup the media files must be imported to your computer, removed from the camera roll, and re-synced to the iPhone.


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