Add iPhone Contacts to the Spotlight Screen

Pull down on the iOS 7 home screen and Spotlight reveals an empty text field titled "Search iPhone". While this can be a helpful feature to find something in a hurry, developer DarkMalloc had another idea. Why not make the Spotlight screen even more useful by adding favorite contacts into the mix?

QuickContacts shortcut Spotlight

Jailbreakers can grab the tweak QuickContacts for $1.99 and do just that. Once installed, there are no options to configure. The tweak simply adds four contact shortcuts directly to the Spotlight search screen. Pull down on the home screen and the contacts are revealed, then swipe from left to right if you need to use the Search iPhone field.

Organize Your Contacts with Smart Merge

There is nothing more annoying than duplicate and incomplete contact information on your phone, especially now that people are relying on Siri to access their contacts for various reasons. Smart Merge is an iPhone application that promises to clean up your messy Contacts app.

Smart Merge

The app will hunt down duplicates in your Contacts app so you can merge them into one. Smart Merge also allows you to backup your contacts, sync your contacts between multiple devices, and locate incomplete contacts without a names or phone number. The name of the app also suggests you can merge your Facebook and Linkedin accounts.

How can I add a custom label to iPhone contact numbers?

The iPhone Contacts app provides several labels for numbers, such as main, mobile and work to identify different lines. What if you need to add a label not included in the list, to identify multiple mobile lines or a land line for a contact?

You can add a custom label to any number by tapping the Edit button while viewing the contact. Touch the label to the left of the phone number. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of labels, and tap Add Custom Label. Enter the custom label text and touch Save.

New iPhone App Makes Contacting Friends and Family Easier

Developer Jeff Broderick has come up with an easy way to call someone by turning their contact info into an app icon on your iPhone's home screen. The QuickContact web app eliminates the need for you to search through your contact list for frequently called friends and family. Just add the contact info of a person you call frequently, and QuickContact will create a shortcut for them on your home screen.

iPhone Apps

You can choose from 15 pre-made app icons or upload your own for a simple one-touch messaging solution. The app requires access to your device's Settings and that you enter the information for all of your contacts. Broderick says the process is safe and no information is saved, but use it at your own risk.

No-Contract iPhone 4 Sales Still Allowed in US

Rumors have surfaced online that Apple and its partner AT&T Wireless have ceased to offer the iPhone 4 without a two-year service contract. Speculation on the issue has blamed the policy change on everything from an impending Verizon iPhone to AT&T greed. These reports would be informative except for one thing, the rumor is not true.

att no contract iphone 4

Both AT&T and Apple offer the iPhone 4 without a contract at no-commitment pricing. However, these deals are not available online. AT&T representatives have verified that the iPhone 4 can be purchased without a contract in person, from either an AT&T Wireless retail store or an Apple Store. To have an iPhone purchased online and shipped to your residence or place of business, a two-year contract is required.


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