Cydia Updates: Protect Your Jailbreak With Reset Killer

Jailbreakers get nervous going anywhere near their Settings app when there is an iOS update that will block their jailbreak exploit. The free Cydia tweak ResetAllKiller aims to give jailbreakers a little peace of mind by disabling the "reset all" buttons in the Reset panel. It may be a little paranoid, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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ResetAllKiller is free in the BigBoss repo. It's compatible with iOS 4 and 5.

Use Custom Gestures to Unlock Your Jailbroken iPhone

App Store developer Adam Bell has released a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize the way you unlock your iPhone. Stride replaces your password screen with a customizable gesture system allowing you to do away with lengthy passwords. Or it can double as an extra security measure by allowing you to use a gesture and password to access your iPhone.

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"Even though Stride is pretty secure on it's own, for best effect you should set a PIN/Passcode to make things extra secure," Bell explained on Cydia. The PIN unlock will appear after you draw your customized gesture, or you can bypass the PIN code in the Stride preference panel. Stride is available in the Big Boss repo for $2.99. It's compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, but not the iPad. Stride requires iOS 5 or higher and a jailbroken device to work.

Record iOS Message Times With SMS Timestamps

The iOS Messages app writes timestamps to selected incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS and iMessage notes. Selected because Apple has designed Messages to only write the timestamp after a certain amount of time has passed. This can result in long threads with no record of when the messages were sent.

SMS Timestamps tweak

Now thanks to the SMS Timestamps tweak on Cydia, you can choose to write a timestamp to every message if desired. The tweak also has options to write a timestamp in the Messages app in intervals of 1, 5 or 10 minutes so you know exactly what's going on.

AppMosaic Makes Finding Popular Apps Easier

iDownloadblog got an early look at a new and interesting app coming to Cyida. AppMosaic makes finding popular apps easier by displaying the top 400 applications and games in the Apple App Store.

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The jailbreak tweak separates the apps into two columns: the top 200 paid apps on the left, and the top 200 free apps on the right. The app's name and developer info is displayed on a panel at the bottom of the screen when you tap any of the 400 listed icons. You can then load the app's official App Store page by tapping the displayed info.

View and Launch Apps from the Lock Screen With Headphone Launcher

HeadphoneLauncher is a new tweak that allows you to view and launch apps from the Lock Screen. The tweak launches the selected apps every time your headphones are plugged into your iPhone. You can choose and rearrange the order that the apps appear by using the Headphone Launcher panel under Settings.

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HeadphoneLauncher will also display the media controls on your Lock Screen. This is a great tweak for people who like to listen to music while walking. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work with Siri Board which would've been a nice bonus.


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