Launch Siri Without Using the Home Button

Have you ever wanted to launch Siri without using the home button? The new jailbreak tweak SiriBoard adds an icon to your iPhone's SpringBoard so you can launch the voice assistant from your home screen. I prefer the app to holding down the home button because it only requires that you tap the icon. It also gives you two options to access Siri rather than just one.

Siri icon

Let Siri Answer Your Jailbreaking Questions

The popular Siri tweak AssistantExtensions has received an update. The Jailbreak FAQ Addon gives Siri the ability to answer your jailbreaking questions. Reading Siri an error message will prompt her to explain the problem and offer a fix. The addon will even answer questions about iTune errors that you may encounter while updating.


If you are new to AssistantExtensions it is available for free in the BigBoss repo. The Siri tweak adds built-in custom conversations, the ability to add your own Siri questions and responses, and it even teaches Siri to launch apps and search for YouTube videos.

Quit Multitasking iPhone Apps With MultiCleaner

Thanks to MultiCleaner iPhone users no longer have to manually quit each application running in the iOS multitasking dock to free up RAM and improve performance. Not only does the $0.99 jailbreak tweak make it possible to set up custom Activator triggers to quit all apps, it offers customization for multitasking dock behavior.

iPhone MultiCleaner tweak Cydia

Apps can be pinned to the left side of the multitasking bar for quick access, and app icons can be rearranged within the multitasking bar. When apps are not running but have been recently opened, the icon appears darkened, while actively running background apps are normally displayed.

Add Sound Effects to Your iPhone With iSounds

You can now make your iPhone even more lively with the new jailbreak tweak iSounds. The iSounds app allows you to apply sound effects to your iOS interface. Once downloaded and installed you can choose from themes like Deadspace, Mac OS 9 and Windows XP. Your iPhone will then make a sound every time you open an app, boot your device, or change the volume. The iSounds "combiner" allows you to apply different sounds to different actions like deleting an app, opening a folder and so on.

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