Siri on iPhone 4: Beware the H1Siri Jailbreak App

If installing full Siri functionality on the iPhone 4 sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. A new software package claiming to make Siri run on a jailbroken iPhone 4 has appeared on a repository that Cydia warns against. The package is called H1Siri, and there are a few reasons why you should stay away.

Siri icon

Not only does the repository containing H1Siri contain cracks and other illegal software, but the package itself comes from an unknown developer. Apparently a Chinese group dubbed CD-Dev Team is behind the Siri port, but the software illegally uses parts of Apple's copyrighted code.

Words With Friends Tweak Allows Any Word to be Played

Tired of the dictionary restrictions on Words With Friends? Now you can play any word by installing a simple tweak on your jailbroken iPhone. MessWithWords is available on the Cydia app store for $4.99. Although it might sound pricey for the ability to cheat, there are other advantages to installing the package.

Words With Friends cheat detection

For instance, you receive notification when an opponent is circumventing the Words With Friends dictionary so you won't be caught off guard by a cheater. Playing words that are outside of the dictionary can also open up a whole new world of interesting games, provided your friends are willing to play.

Fake Your iPhone Location Data with Location Spoofer

Tired of iPhone apps checking your location and limiting features? Now you can trick any or all of the apps on your device into thinking you're somewhere else. Spoof your location data easily with a simply $1.99 app from Cydia available on jailbroken iPhones. Location Spoofer can be found in the Utilities section of the jailbreak app store.

Cydia jailbreak app Location Spoofer

Downloading the app requires a quick payment via Amazon payments or PayPal to the developer after logging into your Cydia account. Once installed, you can choose exactly which apps you would like to spoof into thinking you're located in a different state or country.

Get iOS 5 Features Now: Create Albums and Organize Photos

It can be a real drag when you want to organize some photos on your iPhone or iPad and you realize this has to be done on your computer. After making the new photo albums and organizing the photos then you have to sync to your iOS device. Once on your iPhone the photos in albums can't be moved or edited at all.

PhotoAlbums+ Cydia app

Luckily Apple got wind of the situation and plans to add this functionality to the next version of its mobile operating system firmware, iOS 5. This doesn't come out until the fall, but for those with jailbroken iPhones the feature can be installed right away. The tweak is called PhotoAlbum+ and it's available on Cydia for $4.99.


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