iOS 5 Features Now: Improved Push Notifications

Push notifications are great, except when they constantly interrupt what you're doing on the iPhone. Luckily for iPhone owners with iOS 4.0 or later developer Peter Hajas has released a tweak that greatly improves iPhone notifications. In fact, Apple has even hired Peter to implement his MobileNotifier software in iOS 5.

improved notifications MobileNotifier Cydia

If your iPhone is jailbroken you can install this tweak and start enjoying the benefits of MobileNotifier immediately. To get started, open Cydia and follow these instructions to add a repository.

How to Get Unlimited Skips in Pandora

Pandora users are limited to the amount of times they can skip a song depending on what type of account they have. This restriction can be annoying by causing you to get stuck listening to songs that you don't care for or heard too many times. Luckily there is a way to get unlimited skips thanks to Cydia.

Pandora skips hack

Due to the terms of Pandora's music licenses, Pandora One listeners are only allowed to skip 6 songs per hour (per station). Free listeners are limited to 12 skips per day. Giving a song a "Thumbs Down" or "I'm tired of this song" rating after it is finished, does not count as a skip. But if you truly grow tired of a song, and decide to make it official while its playing, it will cost you one skip.

How can I backup / restore Cydia iPhone apps free without iTunes?

There are software packages available to help backup Cydia applications installed on your jailbroken iPhone. Both of the options (PkgBackup and AptBackup) have their advantages but some users don't want to pay $7.99 or be dependent on iTunes to save their list of apps. If this sounds like you, follow these instructions to backup and restore your Cydia apps.


iPhone Theming Platform DreamBoard Now Free

The popular skinning app for jailbroken iPhones, DreamBoard, is now free on Cydia. DreamBoard is a great alternative to Winterboard because it doesn't require you to restart your springboard every time you change themes. Dreamboard also allows much "deeper" themes and user-interface redesigns compared to Winterboard. Where Winterboard basically allows theme developers to re-skin existing iPhone graphics and interfaces, Dreamboard allows theme developers to build entirely new interfaces and methods of displaying information.


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