Jailbreak Tweak Makes Arranging Icons Easier

AlwaysArrange is a simple jailbreak tweak that allows you to easily rearrange your Home screen icons without having to enter wiggle mode. Once installed you can tap any icon and move it anywhere on your Home screen. There is a Settings mode that allows you to toggle AlwaysArrange on and off, and you can also adjust the duration of the tap and hold time that it takes to move an app. To delete an app just tap the icon and slide it up to the status bar to enter wiggle mode.

Jailbreak Tweaks

Dev Team Releases RedSn0w Update for Mac and Windows (v. 0.9.10b7)

The iPhone Dev Team quietly released redSn0w 0.9.10b7 for Mac and Windows on Friday. The new version features a few improvements like the addition of the Corona A5 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Version 0.9.10b7 also includes a re-install feature for jailbreakers who accidently uninstall the untether, and it can pull your SHSH blobs from the Cydia Store when injecting an IPSW.

iPhone Jailbreak

RedSn0w 0.9.10b7 also supplies new information about your device. For example the Dev Team blog says it lets you know "whether your iPhone 3GS has the vulnerable baseband boot loader, or whether your iPhone 3GS has the old exploitable bootrom." The Dev Team also noted that "the next new feature to be added will be built-in restore support, to provide an alternative to iTunes restores."

iPhone Tweak Clears Notifications From Lock Screen

Too many notifications popping up on your iPhone lock screen? If your device is jailbroken, there's an easy way to clear iOS notifications without unlocking. ClearLockNotifications is a simple tweak that adds more functionality to the lock screen without complexity.

ClearLockNotifications iPhone tweak

There are no icons or settings for ClearLockNotifications once installed. The first way to clear your lock screen notifications is to touch and drag down on the lock screen. When dragging down to clear notifications, the text "Pull down to clear" will appear over the clock.

Prank Your Family and Friends With a Fake Email

Another prank app has hit the Cydia app store. Anonysend allows you to annoy your family and friends by sending fake semi-anonymous emails. I said "semi" anonymous because the emails are logged with your IP address. Meaning you shouldn't use it to prank your boss or harass an ex-girlfriend because it can be traced back to you. This app is for fun. It's not for abusing people you do not like.

Winterboard iPhone themes

The application is easy to use if you have a jailbroken iPhone: Just fill in a fake sender name, fake sender email, email of the person you want to prank, add a subject and hit send. Unlike the SpoofApp that allows you to fake your caller ID and voice, Anonysend is free to download and use.

WinterBoard Jailbreak iPhone App Gets Major Update

A new version of WinterBoard has arrived in the Cydia jailbreak app store. For those who are fans of installing all kinds of fresh graphical themes on iOS devices, the update is a welcome improvement that was in the works for a while. Others who fear installing WinterBoard due to its buggy reputation might consider trying out the latest version.

Winterboard iPhone themes

WinterBoard makes it possible for artists to create new graphics for almost anything in iOS, including third party apps. Users can download and install a variety of themes and mods to change the look of iOS once the device is jailbroken. There are also apps available on Cydia that are dependent on a WinterBoard installation.


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