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lubbaa, A New iPhone App That Lets You Track The Biorhythms Of Your Mate

I've been single for two years and every sloppy attempt I've made to change this sad fact has been just that: sloppy. Maybe what's been missing all along is these biorhythms lubbaa is telling me about, and if I started every conversation I had with appealing men at bars with, "What's your birth date? Give me a second," instead of "Hey papi, want a taste?" I'd be getting somewhere.

Lubbaa Dating App

The intriguing logo of lubbaa, a chubby, curvy lowercase "a" punctuated by a speckled heart, is quickly belied by the app's look once it is opened. Some sort of natural fall theme in browns and yellows composed of stock photos of nature decorate lubbaa's innards. It could be made to look alright if not for the goofy font, possibly chosen to mimic a relaxed handwriting. Maybe it's supposed to be like the journal of a 14 year-old girl going through a Wiccan phase; she's calculating the biorhythms of all the cute boys in her high school to see if they might be fit to be brought home to daddy. "But, Daddy!" she'll cry, as he stares disdainfully at Trent's arm sleeve of tattoos and lip piercing. "Our sensitivity and emotional biorhythms sync perfectly!"

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