How can I find my iPhone's unique device identifier (UDID)?

The Unique Device IDentifier or UDID is a 40-character string composed from various hardware identifiers on iOS devices. The UDID will be unique on each device, and can be used along with app-specific user IDs to identify app-specific data on developers' servers. To find your UDID:

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

2. Make sure your iPhone is selected in the left menu and click the Summary tab.

3. Click your Serial Number and the UDID will appear. You can copy the UDID onto the clipboard by typing Command + C in Mac OS or Control + C in Windows.

How can I opt out of Apple iAd data collection?

UPDATE: iOS 6 users who are not interested in targeted ads can now limit ad tracking. Navigate to Settings -> General -> About -> Advertising -> Limit Ad Tracking -> ON.

Apple intends to use consumer data from iTunes to target your iPhone with specific advertising within apps. The iAd program has already launched, but if you're not interested in Apple using your data to find relevant ads you can opt out.

How can I type an Apple symbol / logo on the iPhone keyboard?

You can't enter an Apple symbol directly from the keyboard on the iPhone. There is a workaround that makes it possible to get this character onto the iPhone for use in different apps or as a folder name.

Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Make sure your iPhone is selected in the left hand menu and click the Apps tab at the top of the iTunes window. Drag one of your apps on the home screen on top of another to create a new folder. You can also double-click on an existing folder.

Is my warranty replacement iPhone 4 a refurbished phone?

So you recently had to take your iPhone in for an appointment with the geniuses at your local Apple store and you ended up leaving with a replacement phone. Now, you're left wondering whether you got a new iPhone 4 as a replacement, or a refurbished phone.

Truth be told, there will be little way to tell. Per your iPhone warranty, Apple has the right to replace your defective iPhone with a new or refurbished unit. Replacements come in an unmarked box, whether new stock or refurbished stock, and serial numbers/etc are assigned as new.

When can I order / pre-order the white iPhone 4?

UPDATE: Apple announced that the white iPhone 4 has been postponed until Spring 2011.

UPDATE: Apple has stated that the white iPhone 4 will not be available until "later this year." The extended delay is due to manufacturing difficulties.

Steve Jobs indicated in a recent press conference that the iPhone 4 in white will be shipping by the end of July 2010. If this falls along the lines of typical Apple style, this means the very end of the month.


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