What do the numbers on a SIM card mean?

Once the SIM card is removed from the iPhone, you can see numbers stamped on one side of the SIM card, opposite the metal contacts. These numbers contain various information about the wireless carrier and your account.

Up to 22 digits can make up this Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (ICCID). The ICCID is made up of several individual parts. For example, on an AT&T Mobility SIM card the first seven digits are the Issuer Identification Number (IIN):

Which airlines allow electronic device usage under 10,000 feet?

Ever since the FAA has changed the rules around use of personal electronics such as iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices, airlines have been lining up for approval from the agency. After approval, these devices can be used by passengers at all stages of flight in Airplane Mode. Previously, iPhones and the like were to be switched off until reaching an altitude of 10,000 feet.

So which airlines have gained approval from the FAA to change the rules? Here's the list:


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