How do I uninstall multiple apps from my iPhone using the App Store?

Instead of long pressing an app to get it to "wobble" and then going through all of your screens and folders tapping the "x" on apps you want to delete, you can accomplish the same thing much more quickly via the App Store. Just open the App Store, tap on your profile/account button, then scroll down through your recently updated apps. Swipe left on any app you want to delete and you will see a Delete button.


How do I add a folder to my iPhone or iPad dock?

The dock at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad's Home Screen is where you keep (or should keep) apps that you use frequently, because the dock is always on your screen, regardless of which page of apps you've swiped left or right to. It only fits four apps and most of us use more than four apps on a regular basis, so fitting more on the dock would be useful. You can accomplish this to a degree by using a folder in your dock. It might not be worth it if you only have a couple Home Screens worth of apps to swipe through, but it probably is if you have many many pages of apps and folders.


How do I move multiple icons at once on my Home Screen?

You can drag multiple apps at once in iOS, which can make organizing a much quicker process. Instead of tapping and dragging apps one by one into a folder, you can stack many of them and drag the stack. To do this, long press an app until it "wiggles," then start to drag it somewhere. While still holding onto it, tap another app that you want to stack and it will automatically add to your stack. After the second one, you have to double tap any additional apps to add them to your stack. A number will appear on the top icon indicating how many items you have in the stack.



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