Facebook launches Live Photo support, HTML5 video

Facebook iOS

Facebook continues to release updates to its iOS app, adding features and optimizing the experience for users. The latest version supports Live Photos, bringing short video clips captured on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to the masses. Now that any Apple device running iOS 9 can view Live Photos, Facebook has joined the party by integrating the feature directly into their mobile app. To make this happen, Facebook has taken advantage of the Live Photos development kit provided by Apple.

Web App Activates iPhone Data Tethering (No Jailbreak)

The folks over at have been working hard to provide their smartphone tethering service over the web, ever since the iTether app was removed from the App Store. Now iPhone users can make their devices into a personal hotspot by simply logging into their tether account via a web browser, with no jailbreak or other iOS software required.

Tether app no jailbreak iPhone

Tethering makes it possible to share your iPhone's data connection with other devices, such as notebook computers. Cellular carriers charge extra for the privilege, although they also increase the amount of monthly data available to the subscriber. Over the years, jailbreak apps have appeared to take advantage of tethering without paying extra monthly fees.

Experimental Adobe Wallaby Converts Flash for iPhone

It may be experimental and reference an animal you've never seen, but Adobe has released Wallaby to help developers convert Flash content into HTML5. In theory this allows the Flash content to be viewed on iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad. Apple has been clear about it's dislike for Flash technology, and will not allow plug-ins to view Flash content on its devices.

adobe flash apple iphone mobile safari

Steve Jobs claimed the technology was outdated and inefficient, and Apple has much to gain from its own App Store content. Adobe has been battling the Flash restrictions from the beginning. The company has been working on Flash app development tools, which were stalled temporarily when Apple changed the terms of its developer agreement to ban the tools.

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