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Quickly Find Out if Your iOS Device Can be Jailbroken

With all of the different iOS jailbreak tools available and so many Apple mobile devices floating around, it's become quite a task to keep track of everything. Firmware and hardware versions come in many flavors, so how can you know that your specific configuration can be jailbroken?

JB Stats web app

Now there's an easy to use web app that will quickly let you know whether or not the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you're holding can be used to install the Cydia jailbreak app store. Right now the JailbreakStats web app includes information for devices running firmware iOS 5.0 and later.

Web App Activates iPhone Data Tethering (No Jailbreak)

The folks over at Tether.com have been working hard to provide their smartphone tethering service over the web, ever since the iTether app was removed from the App Store. Now iPhone users can make their devices into a personal hotspot by simply logging into their tether account via a web browser, with no jailbreak or other iOS software required.

Tether app no jailbreak iPhone

Tethering makes it possible to share your iPhone's data connection with other devices, such as notebook computers. Cellular carriers charge extra for the privilege, although they also increase the amount of monthly data available to the subscriber. Over the years, jailbreak apps have appeared to take advantage of tethering without paying extra monthly fees.

Gmail Gets Improved Web App on the iPhone

You don't hear much about web apps these days, but there are some that look and function so well you might forget you're using Safari. Google has been constantly improving its Gmail web interface and they've recently revamped the mobile site again. Similar to the native Apple Mail app, the mobile version of Gmail's website is designed with the iPhone touch screen in mind.

apple iphone google gmail webapp

You can swipe to archive a message, and now Google has improved the scroll speed to simulate the same quick flick of the finger to jump down in the mailbox. The toolbar has been anchored to the top of the screen, a welcome reversal of a recent change that had the toolbar floating over emails.

Google Voice Comes to the iPhone

Apple told Google that its Voice app was not welcome in the App Store, to the chagrin of many users of the service. Google did not give up, it went ahead and developed a web app that works on any handset supporting HTML 5.

apple iphone google voice

Now iPhone users can get Google Voice using the web app. Simply browse over to m.google.com/voice in Mobile Safari to access the service on your iPhone.

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