International Roaming

AT&T Mobile Share Plans Get Unlimited International Messaging

Now AT&T Mobile Share plan subscribers can send unlimited text, picture or video messages overseas. 190 countries are included in the new offering at no additional charge. The move by AT&T comes hot on the heels of similar plan changes by T-Mobile.

ATT mobile share plan

This addition to Mobile Share plans became effective on February 28, and will take effect on existing subscribers’ accounts automatically. While this is a great new feature for those with contacts overseas, only phone to phone messaging is included, with 70 countries limited to text only.

AT&T Releases iPhone App for VoIP International Calls

Looking for a less expensive way to call overseas? AT&T now provides a solution in their own Call International iPhone app, available for free on the App Store. Calling from the US using the app requires no recurring monthly charge, contract commitment or prepaid balance. According to AT&T the rates offered when using Call International are their lowest available.

AT&T iPhone app Call International VoIP

Contacts can be dialed directly from your iPhone Contacts list without entering any codes or PIN numbers to call. Calls are billed directly the credit card associated with your Call International account. This account can be set up directly within the Call International app on your iPhone. So what are the advantages of VoIP calling?

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