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How Game Center invites will work in iOS 10

Game Center iOS 10

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the removal of Game Center in iOS 10. If you didn't already know, Apple has removed the Game Center app from early betas, and according to the iOS 10 developer's changelog it is not coming back. This does not mean Game Center features, such as leaderboards, will no longer be available, they will just be handled within individual apps. Apple Insider has posted slides from a recent demonstration at WWDC 2016 explaing the way Game Center multiplayer invites will work in the future.

How do I disable the Raise to Wake feature on my iPhone?

The iPhone SE, both iPhone 6s and both iPhone 7 models all include a new Raise to Wake feature in iOS 10. The Raise to Wake feature was added to allow users to take advantage of Apple's new "Rich notification" feature. Rich notification allows users to view photos and videos or respond to messages directly from their Lock screen. Users who do not use Touch ID, or do not want their iPhone to wake every time they lift their device can disable this feature in their Settings app. Here's how:


How do I restore the slide to unlock option on my iPhone?

iPhone and iPad models running iOS 10 or later will no longer require users to slide to unlock their devices. Instead users will need to press the Home buttom to access their Home screens. The change comes because Apple has added additional features to the lock screen, such as swiping left to access widgets, and swiping right to quickly open the Camera app. It is unknown at this time if the final version of iOS 10 will have an option to restore the slide to unlock feature, but it is doubtful.


5 little iOS 10 improvements you need to know

iOS 10 lock screen

As you probably know, Apple is preparing to unleash iOS 10 onto the world. As with most iOS updates, Apple users everywhere are scanning the list of new features to see how exactly this new update will improve their favorite devices.

Mostly though, what you’re likely looking for are the little things. While redesigns, bug fixes and new apps are all well and good, the thing that matters most to Apple users are those quality of life features that improve little things that bugged you about previous iOS versions.


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