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How to use Stickers in the Messages app on your iPhone

iOS 10 Stickers

Now that iOS 10 is here and the OTA downloading issues have been resolved by Apple, let's look at how to utilize Stickers in the Messages app. Stickers are images or animations you can send to other iOS users to enhance your text messages. They are not the same as the .GIFs or other photos found in the #images section in your App Drawer.

In iOS 10 Stickers can be sent as an individual text messages or they can be attached to already delivered text bubbles in a message thread. These are unlike regular images or .GIFs that can only be sent individually with a message attached.


How to set up a home in the Home app

How to add and edit homes in the iOS Home app.

Apple's Home app, which debuted with iOS 9, allows you to control all of your HomeKit accessories such as audio systems, lighting, thermostats and security systems among others, from your iPhone or iPad. Before you start installing and adding accessories, you'll want to set up your home on the app first. After opening the app for the first time and going through the brief "Let's get started" intro, you will end up with the default "My Home." You can edit the name and change your wallpaper, add a new home and invite others who you want to grant control to. Here's how:

Apple sends invites to media event on September 7

7 September 2016

The wait is almost over. Apple has made September 7th official with an email invitation to the media. On this particular Wednesday, the company is expected to reveal several new products. The event is scheduled to take place at the Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco at 10 am Pacific. The bokeh effect seen in the invite image has led some to speculate that the event will focus heavily on the dual-lens camera featured in the iPhone 7 Plus.

How to use the News app in iOS 10

Apple's News app has several new features in iOS 10.

In an attempt to compete with other online news sources, Apple replaced its Newsstand with the News app in iOS 9. News pulls stories from RSS feeds and puts them together in a magazine style layout, making for a much more user-friendly experience than its predecessor offered. Although it was a vast improvement, the app hasn't quite gained the traction Apple wants, thus the new round of improvements found in iOS 10.

Should I install iOS 10 on my iPhone or iPad?

Every time Apple releases a major update people want to know if it is safe to install on their device. I'm not sure what internet urban legend has made people nervous about software updates, but it is a common concern amongst iPhone and iPad users. While it has been true that some updates have caused minor issues for older devices, Apple has always quickly resolved these problems with additional updates. As of right now there seems to be no reason anyone would not want to upgrade to iOS 10, however we won't officially know until the final version is released in the fall. Also don't forget, Apple now tests all its new features with developers and the public through its two beta programs. This helps avoid most potential problems with the final release.



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