iPhone 3.0

Even More iPhone 3.0 Features on the Horizon

With the initial excitement of Apple's iPhone 3.0 preview already passed, users of the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta have been finding several new features that appear to be in the works for a next generation device. One such feature is video recording, which reports have indicated would come along with an upgraded camera and possibly a multi-core GPU (graphics processing unit).

Backing up the claim are screenshots from the MobileMe upload screen in iPhone OS 3.0 that say "Publish Video" at the top of the app. Of course, a better camera would mean higher-resolution still photos, too. Other features that look interesting have also appeared in leaked screenshots of iPhone OS 3.0 Beta.

AT&T to Offer No-Contract iPhone 3G

AT&T has confirmed it will start selling un-subsidized iPhone 3G hardware without a contract, only months before the release of iPhone 3.0. Both the 8GB and 16GB models will be available at full price, $599 and $699 respectively.

Pre-paid service will not be an option, as activation of no-contract phones will require an iPhone data plan, costing $30 monthly. Unfortunately for those interested in using the device with a different carrier, even the full price iPhone 3G hardware will still be locked to AT&T.


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