iPhone OS 2.0.1

iPhone Apps Crash and Music Disappears - A Workaround That Works

So the downloaded apps on your iPhone stopped working. Rebooting or resetting all settings does nothing. Suddenly you notice your music is gone. What is an iPhone owner to do? Now that the dust has settled on this particular bug many workarounds have been suggested. According to Steve Jobs himself, Apple won't have a fix until September. If you can't wait that long to restore the full functionality of your iPhone, then continue to read.

iphone app crash bug

Speculation about this bug is rampant in online forums. The workaround I've used with success has been described as extreme. I suffered with the app and music problem on my iPhone 3G (2.0.1) and decided I was going to deal with the issue once. So instead of trying many of the gentler methods I attacked the problem with gusto. My phone's performance has improved noticeably since the procedure, which included a 2.0.2 firmware upgrade.

DevTeam Issues Warning about Upgrading to iPhone OS 2.0.1

The announcement regarding the new version (2.0.2) of the iPhone Pwnage tool, which is presumably just hours away, brought with it the news that it would not contain an unlock for the new iPhone 3G. The DevTeam, however, has indicated they are still hard at work on developing an unlock for the new iPhone's 3G/GSM baseband and given their long record of success, one can only assume it is only a matter of time before the 3G unlock arrives.

Unspecified Error Preventing Users from Updating to iPhone OS 2.0.1, Workaround

Apple recently released iPhone OS 2.0.1 to fix some troublesome bugs in the initial OS 2 release that have been negatively affecting the performance of many an iPhone. The new firmware has brought relief to countless users who were being nagged by persistent issues with lag and slow performance (i.e. keyboard lag). You can visit iPhoneFAQ's news article on the release for a full list of known bug fixes in iPhone OS 2.0.1.

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