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DIY iPhone 7 repair with Fix Kits

iFixit Fix Kit iPhone 7 battery

Anyone interested in repairing an iPhone has probably heard of the extensive DIY resources available at iFixit. Now the same site that offers a multitude of tutorial videos, repair guides and device teardowns offers iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Fix Kits. Fix Kits are packages which include all of the needed tools and parts for a specific repair.

iFixit reveals the inner secrets of iPhone 7 waterproofing

iPhone 7 iFixit teardown

The iPhone 7 teardown from iFixit has arrived. This exercise reveals the inner workings of Apple's latest smartphone, as well as the engineering that went into waterproofing the iPhone design. Not only this, but the teardown answers one of the biggest questions: what did Apple replace the 3.5mm headphone jack with? Many assumed a secondary audio speaker would be placed behind the new grille, however this is not the case.

How to Replace the iPhone 5 Battery

If your iPhone 5 battery is acting up, it might be covered under warranty. For those who prefer to go it alone, iFixit covers the steps on how to replace the battery yourself. Not only are iPhone 5 batteries available for $10 online, the repair can take as little as 15 minutes if you're already comfortable working with your iOS hardware.

A few tools are necessary, including an iPhone penalobe screwdriver, Phillips #00 screwdriver, plastic opening tools and a small suction cup. Of course, iFixit sells a Pro Tech Toolkit designed to help the intrepid do-it-yourself fan to open and repair a multitude of modern electronic devices. These items can also be purchased individually to help safely gain access to the insides of your iPhone 5.

Fix Your Broken iPhone 5 Display for $149

One of the best deals in iPhone 5 repair just hit Apple retail locations. The Genius Bar will now perform in-store iPhone 5 display repairs for just $149 for those who didn't bother to purchase AppleCare. According to MacRumors, Apple stands to save around $1 billion per year by performing the repairs locally at retail locations.

iFixit repair iPhone 4 screen

Customers will also benefit, now that a busted or malfunctioning iPhone 5 screen can be repaired in-house, saving both time and money. Apple is shifting its services to provide more repair options at a lower cost. This has pressed independent repair outfits to drop pricing in a bid to remain competitive against the iPhone manufacturer.

Has Apple Relaxed iPhone Water Damage Policies?

Getting your iPhone wet can be a bummer, especially if it refuses to operate afterwards and you need a new one. Apple is notorious for denying warranty claims based on a simple test, the LCI or liquid contact indicator located at the base of the headphone jack. When this gets wet, it turns red.

apple iphone LCI liquid contact indicator policy


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