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iPhone 3GS: Keep Your Jailbreak Options Open

iPhone blogger George Hotz has discovered a new layer of security in the recently released iPhone 3GS. If you're waiting on iPhone Dev-Team to release a jailbreaking and/or unlocking solution for your iPhone 3GS, generating a unique certificate for your device could keep your options open.

Apple will likely release iPhone OS 3.0.1 soon, possibly postponing a jailbreak even longer. George Hotz explains the process of generating a certificate below.

Users Reporting Problems With iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3.0

Apple sold over one million iPhone 3GS units in three days. Of course there are bound to be some problems. Reports are starting to come in of some issues and bugs.

iphone 3.0 3gs discoloration

The problem pictured above is a white iPhone 3GS that has overheated. The abnormally high levels of heat have discolored the white plastic on the back of the iPhone so that it appears pink.

Dev-Team Releases Jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.0

They've done it again. The iPhone Dev-Team has announced a brand new version of PwnageTool for jailbreaking iPhone OS 3.0. The team is hard at work as usual, developing jailbreak and unlock software for all of Apple's latest mobile hardware and software.

pwnage 3.0 mac

The new PwnageTool will not work on the iPhone 3G S (or the new iPod Touch) as of this writing, however more software is on the way. So far, iPhone Dev-Team has only released the Mac OS X version of PwnageTool, although they promise that a Mac OS X and Windows version of QuickPwn is coming soon.

Latest Apple Patent: Cool But Premature

Apple engineers just keep coming up with cool ideas. It's too bad they are light years ahead of mobile carriers. Another patent has been discovered that would allow iPhone users to share media during an ongoing phone call.

apple iphone patent

Imagine talking to a friend and playing a pop hit for this person without leaving the phone call. Not only will you both hear the music, you can discuss how bad it is in real time.

Features of Apple iPhone 3GS - Release Date June 19th

During the keynote address at WWDC 2009 Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of Apple's worldwide product marketing, revealed the new iPhone 3GS. The new iPhone model has the same design as the iPhone 3G, however the S stands for speed.

apple iphone 3GS

The new model will be faster and have a higher storage capacity. Apple also announced that an 8GB version of the iPhone 3G will sell for $99.


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