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New Features in iPhone OS 3.0 - Coming June 17th

During the keynote address at WWDC 2009 the head of Apple's iPhone software development, Scott Forstall, revealed major new features coming to iPhone OS 3.0.

apple iphone 3.0

The new iPhone OS will be released worldwide on June 17th. The cost to upgrade firmware will be $9.95 for iPod Touch and free for iPhone.

More iPhone Video V3 Photos Leak Ahead of WWDC

Last chance people! The WWDC keynote speech is tomorrow, but that hasn't stopped more spy photos from leaking out. This blurry image from iSpazio shows the iPhone in an active iChat videoconference.

apple iphone 3.0

We see a dark bezel and green light matching some other spy photos that have been released. The quality of the image is poor... this wouldn't be a difficult image to fake. Is it a requirement that "leaked" photos are always out of focus or motion-blurred?

iPhone Video V3: More Evidence

Photos are worth a thousand words. The iPhone V3 looks better and better every day. More evidence has surfaced that Apple's killer app for the next generation iPhone is not only video recording and editing, but full videoconferencing using iChat.

apple iphone 3.0

Note in this photo from FSMdotCOM what appears to be a green light in the upper right hand corner of the iPhone. This looks just like the light on built-in iMac webcams.

More iPhone 3.0 Features Revealed Ahead of WWDC

Apple's WWDC is right around the corner, but this hasn't stopped the continuous stream of discoveries, leaks and rumors surrounding the next generation iPhone. This photo of a banner hanging at the WWDC venue all but ensures the conference will focus on iPhone 3.0 and the AppStore.

apple iphone 3.0 wwdc

Several new features are now on the horizon. BusinessWeek reports that Apple has already included code in iPhone OS 3.0 that would allow users to directly share apps with each other. Analysts have even suggested that the person sending the app could receive a commission from the AppStore.

iPhone Jailbreak Broken With iTunes 8.2 Update

The iPhone Dev-Team has confirmed that updating to iTunes 8.2 will make the current versions of QuickPwn and Pwnage Tool inoperable. They are warning users who wish to jailbreak iPhones to wait until the new versions of their tools are available before upgrading iTunes to the new version.

apple itunes 8.2

The Dev-Team plans to release updated jailbreaking software after Apple makes a public release of iPhone OS 3.0. An update to the unlocking software yellowsn0w will also have to wait.


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