More iPhone 3.0 Features Revealed Ahead of WWDC

Apple's WWDC is right around the corner, but this hasn't stopped the continuous stream of discoveries, leaks and rumors surrounding the next generation iPhone. This photo of a banner hanging at the WWDC venue all but ensures the conference will focus on iPhone 3.0 and the AppStore.

apple iphone 3.0 wwdc

Several new features are now on the horizon. BusinessWeek reports that Apple has already included code in iPhone OS 3.0 that would allow users to directly share apps with each other. Analysts have even suggested that the person sending the app could receive a commission from the AppStore.

Even more interesting is peer-to-peer functionality using Bluetooth that will make it possible for one iPhone user playing a game to invite another person to play. This works even if the second player doesn't already have the software needed to play the game. The invite would lead to an AppStore purchase on the second iPhone.

One unwelcome change that was discovered in a dialog box limits the re-downloading of already purchased apps from the AppStore. iPhone users may be charged to download apps even if they already bought a copy. The re-downloading would continue to be free from the AppStore using a computer then syncing to the iPhone. This presumably will save carriers bandwidth on mobile networks.

Other reported iPhone 3.0 features:

Google Latitude support
Headphone socket moved to bottom of device in new case design
Nike+ iPod Sport Kit app for the iPhone with VoiceOver
Radio song tagging for built in FM tuner or external accessories
600MHz ARM processor by Samsung

Phil Schiller's keynote speech at WWDC on Monday June 8th can't come soon enough.