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Even More iPhone 3.0 Features on the Horizon

With the initial excitement of Apple's iPhone 3.0 preview already passed, users of the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta have been finding several new features that appear to be in the works for a next generation device. One such feature is video recording, which reports have indicated would come along with an upgraded camera and possibly a multi-core GPU (graphics processing unit).

Backing up the claim are screenshots from the MobileMe upload screen in iPhone OS 3.0 that say "Publish Video" at the top of the app. Of course, a better camera would mean higher-resolution still photos, too. Other features that look interesting have also appeared in leaked screenshots of iPhone OS 3.0 Beta.

The List: Features in Apple's iPhone OS 3.0

Apple held their widely anticipated iPhone OS 3.0 preview today in Cupertino, California. There are 100 new features on the way in the new operating system, which will ship this summer and cost nothing for existing iPhone users (iPod Touch users will pay $9.95 for the update).

apple iphone 3.0

Scott Forstall, the head of iPhone software development, described iPhone OS 3.0 as "a major update to the operating system." Here's a list of the features announced at the event:

What Will Apple Announce at the iPhone 3.0 Event?

Billed as an advance preview, Apple's March 17th event to discuss the iPhone OS 3.0 software and SDK is generating quite a buzz. Most speculation revolving around the event has rehashed old, tired rumors about features that have failed to materialize on the iPhone, however there are some new developments.

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Two of the most interesting new firmware 3.0 predictions are reports of a revised SpringBoard and possible iPhone support for magnetometers. A update to the SpringBoard could include features to help organize multiple applications into folders or categories on the home screen. Magnetometer? Think digital compass, à la Android G1.

Apple Bans South Park From iPhone

Apple does not approve of your sense of humor. That is unless you're downloading one of the 80+ iPhone apps related to farting, belching or puking. Next time you're sitting down to watch the cable television show South Park, make sure you have permission from Papa Jobs. The South Park crew was working on an iPhone/iPod Touch app for the AppStore but has now been forced to abandon its work on the project.

south park application banned iphone

Rejected twice from the AppStore for being potentially offensive, the South Park application was already receiving glowing reviews last fall. For fans of the show, the app would have offered a multitude of clips, news, and wallpapers. There was even a feature to associate popular South Park characters to people in your contacts list.

Flash on iPhone? Cross Your Fingers

How long have we been hearing about Flash coming to MobileSafari? Why is Flash installed on 98% of desktops and 800 million mobile devices, yet not one is an iPhone? Apparently it has been in development since June 2008. Apple was unhappy with the limited old Flash Lite, and the full version would suck up too many resources on the already battery-strapped iPhone.

adobe flash apple iphone mobile safari

We were expecting a release in September 2008, however somebody must have decided that version of the iPhone Flash wasn't good enough for release. Adobe's CEO, Shantanu Narayen said, "The onus is on us to deliver." What was billed as a collaboration between Apple and Adobe now sounds like an Adobe responsibility. Necessity is the word that comes to mind if you're an iPhone user.


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