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Apple Reviewing Satellite Radio iPhone App

The same streaming Sirius XM radio stations available to subscribers on the web are coming to the iPhone. The application, scheduled for submission to Apple for approval today, is named the uSirius StarPlayr. Streams will be available via Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE.

usirius starplayr iphone app

Development of the app is part of the StreamSmart project, which plans to release StarPlayr on a variety of mobile and desktop computing platforms by 2010. The iPhone application is expected to price between $12.95 and $19.95. Users must have a current subscription to satellite radio, and can expect to pay an additional $2.99 per month for online stream access starting in March.

iGolfrules: Another Reason to Bring Your iPhone on the Golf Course

Settle the dispute with your golfing buddies on the spot, and learn a thing or two about the ever-complicated Rules of Golf. An iPhone and iPod Touch version of the award winning "Golf Rules Quick Reference" has been submitted to Apple for approval.

golf rules quick reference mobile

The developers are expecting the application to be available on the iTunes App Store in February for $9.99. The author of the booklet, Yves C. Ton-That, has been an international rules official for over 10 years and spent 4 years developing the reference.

How can I listen to a Live365 radio station on my iPhone?

There's good news for those of you out there who are fans of Live365 and would like to listen using your iPhone or iPod Touch. An application that will stream audio from Live365 Internet radio stations has officially been submitted to Apple for approval.

live365 independent radio app

The app was planned for release in the third quarter of 2008, however it did not materialize. At the time of this writing, the ball has been in Apple's court for two weeks.

iPhone Copy and Paste App Clippy Now Available

One of the top complaints about the iPhone is the lack of cut and paste functionality. Now those who have jailbroken their devices can fix this problem with a new app called Clippy. Any user-editable text can be selected and copied to a clipboard, then pasted into another application.

clippy app iphone ispazio

This beta version by Ryan Petrich is easily accessible using the number keyboard. After pressing the "123" button simply hit the "copy" button. Proceed to select the text you wish to copy with the magnifying glass (selected text will be highlighted). Hit "copy" again to copy the text to the clipboard. Move to the application you'd like to paste the text into and click "paste". It's that simple.

iPhone OS 2.0 Released, AppStore Launched - Get the Details

With the release of the second generation iPhone 3G right around the proverbial corner, Apple has released the accompanying iPhone OS 2.0 to the public. iPhone OS 2.0 has been in beta testing with developers for months now, and has been the test bed for the first official third party applications which are now available via the iPhone AppStore (you must be running OS 2.0 to access the AppStore).

iphone and mobile me

New iPhone 3G models will be pre-loaded with iPhone OS 2.0, but the public release of the software allows existing owners of the first generation iPhone to upgrade their phones to the new 2.0 firmware. The new iPhone OS brings a host of new


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