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Almost 150 Free iPhone Apps Already Available

Not even a day after the launch of the new iPhone AppStore, there are already almost 150 free applications available to those who have upgraded their iPhone to OS 2.0. Most of the applications download and install in a snap, and to make matters even sweeter, many are incredibly useful.

Apple released the new iPhone OS 2.0 and launched the AppStore yesterday via the new version of iTunes, version 7.7. The reaction to the new OS and the AppStore has been overwhelmingly positive, and it is easy to see why. Between the new features of OS 2.0 and those brought forth by the hundreds of add-on applications now available, iPhone owners are getting a whole new experience from their devices.

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Though many of the applications (especially the games) cost money, as the title indicates, there are already plenty of free applications you can quickly install and enjoy. Here are just a few highlights of the almost 150 free applications already available via the AppStore:

iPhone OS 2.0 Released, AppStore Launched - Get the Details

With the release of the second generation iPhone 3G right around the proverbial corner, Apple has released the accompanying iPhone OS 2.0 to the public. iPhone OS 2.0 has been in beta testing with developers for months now, and has been the test bed for the first official third party applications which are now available via the iPhone AppStore (you must be running OS 2.0 to access the AppStore).

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New iPhone 3G models will be pre-loaded with iPhone OS 2.0, but the public release of the software allows existing owners of the first generation iPhone to upgrade their phones to the new 2.0 firmware. The new iPhone OS brings a host of new

Apple Retail Stores to Open at 8am for iPhone 3G Launch

When it was announced earlier this past week that AT&T planned to open its retail locations at 8am for the launch of the Apple iPhone, many were perplexed at the lack of a similar indication from Apple. After all, why would Apple allow AT&T to draw the crowds to their stores and forfeit all those direct iPhone sales -- not to mention the oodles of companion purchases? As it turns out, Apple isn't that stupid (surprise, surprise), and will be joining the 8am party along with AT&T.

iPhone 3G Unboxing Pictures Surface

Although unannounced, we've just returned from a long overdue 2 week vacation. A lot transpired during the two weeks our offices were closed (and not just in the world of the iPhone). We won't be able to catch you up all on all of it, but we'll certainly get the important things posted ASAP. Speaking of which, how nice to come home to recently surfaced iPhone 3G unboxing pictures. The following pictures, which turned up on the iPhone Portugal forums seem to be the first legitimate unboxing shots of the new 3G iPhone.

invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 3G Pre-Orders 20% Off Normal Price

If you're like me, as soon as you get your iPhone 3G home and unboxed, you're going to want to slap a full body 3G iPhone invisibleSHIELD on it before exposing it to the elements. My current iPhone has been protected by the invisibleSHIELD since a few weeks after I purchased it on release day last year.


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