iPhone OS 2.0 Released, AppStore Launched - Get the Details

With the release of the second generation iPhone 3G right around the proverbial corner, Apple has released the accompanying iPhone OS 2.0 to the public. iPhone OS 2.0 has been in beta testing with developers for months now, and has been the test bed for the first official third party applications which are now available via the iPhone AppStore (you must be running OS 2.0 to access the AppStore).

iphone and mobile me

New iPhone 3G models will be pre-loaded with iPhone OS 2.0, but the public release of the software allows existing owners of the first generation iPhone to upgrade their phones to the new 2.0 firmware. The new iPhone OS brings a host of new

features, not the least of which is the iPhone AppStore. The iPhone AppStore will bring third party applications to many iPhone owners for the first time (those who chose not to jailbreak their phones). Indications are that hundreds of downloadable applications are available immediately via the AppStore.

Upgrading to iPhone OS 2.0 is very straightfoward and painless. For step-by-step instructions, read our FAQ topic entitled How can I install iPhone OS 2.0 on my iPhone?

Unlike previous upgrades, moving to 2.0 behaves more like an iPhone restore in that it will completely erase and re-install your iPhone. You'll need to re-sync all of your songs, movies, photos, contacts, etc to your iPhone once you've completed the upgrade to 2.0.

Some of the new features in iPhone OS 2.0 include:

  • addition of the iPhone AppStore
  • push email support
  • improved email management including mass deletion
  • support for Apple's new mobileMe service
  • support for email attachments
  • a scientific calculator (we know you were all dying for this one)
  • contacts search
  • and much more ...

Considering all the new OS has to offer, there's few reasons we can think of NOT to upgrade to the new OS now that it is available. In fact, with word on the street indicating that the iPhone Dev Team has a jailbreak/unlock for OS 2.0 all but ready to go, there may be NO reasons not to upgrade.


Nope. I have iTunes version 7.7 installed. It's now 10:26pm EST, and I'm still not getting iPhone 2.0. When I check for iPhone updates, I'm told that 1.1.4 is the current version. My phone is not jailbroken and never has been.

In other news, the Apple website still says that the 2.0 update is "coming soon," which would make sense, considering that...it is.

If someone thinks I'm doing something wrong, please spell it out for me.

i don't know why itunes is telling you 1.1.4 is the newest

either way just do the manual download and install. it takes no longer you just have to hold the option key when clicking update then select the firmware file you just downloaded

even if the auto update did work you'd itunes would download the file so it takes the same time

running 2.0 now. trust me it is released.

I'm with miconian. Its 12:47 CDT, and I'm getting "1.1.4 is the current version". tried restarting itunes. nada.

What is wrong with you people? Just DO THE MANUAL install then, as mentioned above.

Two steps you can handle but three steps you can't? Common.

I didn't want to do the manual install, because there was no way of knowing for sure if it was going to be the official release. Sure enough, the filename you find today is slightly different than the one you guys were downloading last night. The file was available, but IT HADN'T BEEN RELEASED. "Released" means that Apple says it's ok to install, not that someone has hacked their way to the file and worked around the official install process.

You're an idiot. Apple doesn't put official files up and make them publically available on their servers unless they are officially released.

2.0 was *officially* released on the 10th. Unfortunately, you were too stupid to figure out how to install it until the 11th.

i had 1.1.3 on mine, and had installer on it, then erased everything, pressed restore without backup and bam! 2.0 update popped up, hope that helps :)

Version 2 killed my Wi-Fi connection. Apple needs to fix this problem.