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Apple Strangely Crippling Legitimate 3rd Party Apps?

As developers and other interested parties sift through the iPhone SDK, many new details are emerging. While most of these are positive, more recently some troublesome details have come to light. Several iPhoneFAQ readers have written in informing us of some strange limitations Apple is evidently placing on applications developed via the newly released SDK.

These limitations may place significant limitations on the types of software that can be developed for the iPhone using the SDK. These limitations include,

"iFund" to put $100 million behind iPhone application developers

Bay Partners turned many a head in the financial and software development worlds when it drummed up $10 million dollars last year to fund application development for Facebook. On Friday, San Francisco venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers trumped that offer ten times over, by establishing a $100 million dollar fund to back software development for the Apple iPhone.

EA Confirms Spore for iPhone

Without question, we weren't the only ones wondering whether the demontration of EA's highly anticipated game Spore running on an Apple iPhone at today's iPhone Software Roadmap event was an indication of an eventual release of an iPhone version of spore - or just a whipped up demo version to produce a "wow" factor at today's event. As it turns out, EA has confirmed that they will indeed be releasing a version of the game for the iPhone.

spore for iphone

EA is one of the largest game developers for Apple's iPod. According to statements released after today's Apple event by EA, they have been actively using the iPhone SDK to develop versions of not only Spore, but other popular

Turn your iPhone into a Wireless Touchpad

A new, potentially terribly useful, third party application for the iPhone was recently released by a Carnegie Mellon University student named Jahanzab Sherwani. This new application, called 'Touchpad for iPhone', allows you to use your iPhone as a wireless touchpad to control your PC mouse. The application is based heavily on VNsea (a graphical VNC client for both the iPhone and the iPod touch) and requires that you have a VNC server installed on the PC you wish to control.

touchpad for iphone

At first, this might seem like a useless parlor trick, but a quick bit of thinking (or reading of Sherwani's suggested uses) quickly reveals a potential for a serious level of utility from Touchpad. Basically, Touchpad allows you full mouse based control over your PC via your iPhone. As Sherwani points out, this means that Touchpad for iPhone can be used to wirelessly perform tasks on your PC such as

iPhone Controls Car at CES

There's been a lot of talk recently about how this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) yielded little to be excited about. For the most part, the iPhone field at CES didn't effort to depart from this norm. However, there were a couple iPhone related tidbits worth talking about. One of which was Delphi's experimental iPhone software which allowed an iPhone to control a car. And yes, that's not a typo, it's not the car controlling the iPhone - the iPhone is controlling the car.

delphi wireless vehicle access controls car from iphone

The software communicates with the car via Bluetooth and can be used, impressively, from up to a mile away. Though purely a proof-of-concept at this stage, the software already offers an exciting feature set.

Through the software, the iPhone can handle diagnostic checks such as tire pressure and fluid checks such as gas


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