iPhone Video V3

More iPhone Video V3 Photos Leak Ahead of WWDC

Last chance people! The WWDC keynote speech is tomorrow, but that hasn't stopped more spy photos from leaking out. This blurry image from iSpazio shows the iPhone in an active iChat videoconference.

apple iphone 3.0

We see a dark bezel and green light matching some other spy photos that have been released. The quality of the image is poor... this wouldn't be a difficult image to fake. Is it a requirement that "leaked" photos are always out of focus or motion-blurred?

iPhone Video V3 Spy Photo Leaks From Apple

This one could be the real deal. We've seen many photos of the next generation iPhone crop up over the past few weeks. Many of the images are elaborate mockups, while others seem to match some of the other rumors circulating.

apple iphone 3.0 video v3 4g

This photo has been leaked to iSpazio and looks to further corroborate reports of a front-facing camera. They claim the photo was taken of a computer screen within the Apple campus in Cupertino.

iPhone Video V3: More Evidence

Photos are worth a thousand words. The iPhone V3 looks better and better every day. More evidence has surfaced that Apple's killer app for the next generation iPhone is not only video recording and editing, but full videoconferencing using iChat.

apple iphone 3.0

Note in this photo from FSMdotCOM what appears to be a green light in the upper right hand corner of the iPhone. This looks just like the light on built-in iMac webcams.

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