Ironhide Game Studio

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Halloween Update Coming Soon

Ironhide Game Studio posted a teaser this afternoon for its upcoming Kingdom Rush Frontiers Halloween campaign on its Facebook page. The post was tagged with the hashtag #ShadowmoonCampaign. The announcement came a few weeks after Ironhide finally released the popular Tower Defense game to Google Play for Android users.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Halloween

The last Kingdom Rush campaign Rising Tides brought three new levels, six new enemies, a new boss and five new achievements. Ironhide did not give specifics about the upcoming update, but they did post a message that suggested it will have something to with the undead.

An endless night is upon us! The dead rise from their graves and mindless horrors prowl the land! Something dark has awoken, something to fear... Welcome to the #ShadowmoonCampaign!

The Shadowmoon campaign will be available on October 31, 2013.


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