How can I use / turn on Japanese emoji icons (emoticons) on my iPhone?

Emoji icons can be activated for use on iPhones outside of Japan. To make it possible to type emoji icons using your iPhone keyboard follow these instructions:

1. Download Emoji Free! from the App Store on iTunes.
2. Run the app
3. Touch the Awesome, lets do it! button
4. Press the home button to quit Emoji Free
5. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> International Keyboards -> Japanese
6. Turn Emoji ON

How can I type in different languages / turn on International keyboards?

The iPhone supports many different keyboard characters from around the world. To turn on one or more International keyboard(s):

1. Touch Settings -> General -> International -> Keyboards
2. Turn ON the keyboards you wish to use
3. When multiple keyboards are switched on, a globe symbol appears to the left of the space bar in the keyboard. Use this button to switch between International keyboards when typing.


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